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    Regal ? VIP mats

    Application scenarios

    派勒丽豪?/富豪? -迎宾红地毯

    派勒丽豪?/富豪? -迎宾红地毯

    派勒丽豪?/富豪? -迎宾红地毯


    • Regal ? VIP mats (red carpet) use the VIP color, the products show elegant and noble, warm and noble features. This product is bright and colorful, long-term use does not fade, at the same time foot feel thick, with a professional non-slip backing, safety non-slip guaranteed! It is all kinds of high-end places to receive VIP preferred!

    Applicable Area

    Regal ? VIP mats (red carpet) is suitable for all kinds of banquet welcome occasions, to express a warm atmosphere, filling the high-end distinguished atmosphere.

    Detail Picture



    Optional Color
    • 红色

    Cleaning & Maintenance

    Daily cleaning: 

    clean daily with an upright roller vacuum cleaner;

    Depth cleaning: 

    a monthly carpet pumping machine with low foam carpet cleaner cleaning. You can also use high-pressure water gun with low foam carpet cleaner cleaning, and finally rinsed with water after repeated suction with dry suction machine, the best dry with a blower to blow it dry (depending on the flow of people to increase or decrease the frequency)

    Technical Specifications


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