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    Gran-tuff Wear-resistant Anti-fatigue Mat

    Application scenarios

    派勒格立夫? -超强耐磨抗疲劳地垫

    派勒格立夫? -超强耐磨抗疲劳地垫

    派勒格立夫? -超强耐磨抗疲劳地垫

    派勒格立夫? -超强耐磨抗疲劳地垫



    1. The use of super-thick scraper carpet carpet surface and anti-fatigue PVC foam layer structure;

    2. Blanket surface printing and dyeing with 100% polypropylene fiber, wear durable easy to fade;

    3. High temperature and cold resistance, not affected by geographical, weather and other factors;

    4. Acupuncture velvet blanket surface, the surface of the rough texture design, scratch sand dust, water non-slip;

    5. According to ergonomic design of the bottom of the memory PVC foam structure, comfortable feet, effectively reduce the fatigue of standing workers;

    6. Slope design on both sides, volts the ground, anti-kick trip.

    Applicable Area

    Suitable for industrial or commercial backstage operation area, such as elevator, passage, workshop, production line and so on.

    Detail Picture


    Optional Color


    Cleaning & Maintenance

    It is recommended to use a vacuum cleaner daily cleaning,

    Rinse twice a week with water,

    Rinse twice with a mild detergent after every two weeks.

    Technical Specifications


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