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    Steel-board Non-slip Mat

    Application scenarios

    派勒迪博? -耐磨防滑钢花纹地垫

    派勒迪博? -耐磨防滑钢花纹地垫

    派勒迪博? -耐磨防滑钢花纹地垫



    1. 100% high density pure nitrile rubber;

    2. Steel structure, enhance slip resistance, durability, wear-resistant non-slip;

    3. High resistance to grease, anti-coolant, heat-resistant;

    4. Adapt to the harsh working environment to ensure comfortable and safe.

    Applicable Area

    Suitable for industrial or commercial backstage operation area, such as elevator, passage, workshop, production line and so on.

    Detail Picture


    Optional Color
    • 黑色

    Cleaning & Maintenance

    It is recommended to use a vacuum cleaner daily cleaning,

    Rinse twice a week with water,

    Rinse twice with a mild detergent after every two weeks.

    Technical Specifications



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