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    Ultrablock Econo Hydrophobic Non-slip Mat

    Application scenarios




    Modular splicing non-slip mats, hydrophobic breathable, non-slip safety, can be any combination, easy installation, can be rolled, buckle does not fall off!

    The use of soft PVC material, with acid and alkali, anti-UV, do not fade, and has high temperature, resistance to cold and so on;

    Professional drainage at the end of the design, can quickly and effectively to the water, so that the ground does not accumulate water, safety, non-slip, keep the ground dry and clean;

    Patented double-layered network of three-dimensional structure, strong and strong, not easily damaged;

    Using special rivet buckle buckle design, easy to disassemble and clean, install and install, can rewind, do not fall off.

    Applicable Area

    Suitable for industrial and commercial floor slip. Applied to the canteen of the dining area, bathroom, swimming pool, bathroom floor slip treatment; for large areas of human flow control of ground cleaning has a significant effect; can also be used in the food industry and aquaculture industry ground handling.

    Detail Picture


    Optional Color


    Cleaning & Maintenance

    Recommended daily rinse with water, every two weeks with a mild detergent scrub with water rinse.

    Technical Specifications


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